Friend of M.A.N.

Friend of Marlene A. Nelson (M.A.N.)


The Friends of Marlene A. Nelson (FOM) Fund was established in the 1970’s when Marlene A. Nelson, who was the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation(DVR) Director, retired. It was her belief that customers of DVR (now DRS) needed to have access to monies that could be provided faster than the regular state vouchering system. A charter member of the Illinois Rehabilitation Association(IRA), she requested that IRA be the Administrator of this Fund.

  1. Monies from this Fund can only be requested by a DRS employee for their customer(s). A DRS authorization may be issued to Friend of M.A.N. using the following codes: service description: 08020; type service: 61. Service provided by Friend of M.A.N. is considered a “third party advance.”
  2. Requests should be situations which cannot wait for the regular vouchering process or where the vendor will not accept the DRS Voucher.
  3. Each request should be no more than $250. Any amount over that amount needs prior approval by the Fund Administrator.
  4. DRS staff must attach a brief memo to the Invoice Voucher explaining why the money is being requested.
  5. All requests should be mailed to the Fund Administrator. FAX is not available. Two Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes should accompany the Invoice Voucher and Memo. One envelope should be addressed to the customer or third party to whom the check is to be sent. The second envelope should be addressed to the DRS Office where the signed Invoice Voucher should be sent for payment.
  6. It is vital that the signed Invoice Voucher be processed promptly by DRS Staff. FOM is a revolving fund and depends upon timely reimbursement by DRS in order to have funds available for future customers.
  7. Any questions regarding use of the Fund should be addressed to the current Fund Administrator:

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