The purpose of the Illinois Rehabilitation Association is to advance habilitation, rehabilitation, and maintenance for all people with disabilities by:

  1. Increasing public understanding of the social and economic gains to individuals and communities through providing opportunities for all people with disabilities to become self-sufficient, self-supported and contributing members of society.

  2. Providing opportunities for conferences and forums for the discussion of all the problems related to the total rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

  3. Encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to problems of rehabilitation through maximum use of knowledge and skills of all professions.

  1. Fostering research and study to advance knowledge and skills necessary to improve rehabilitation services to people with disabilities.

  1. Stimulating professional training opportunities for all personnel engaged in rehabilitation and encouraging the entry of competent and humanitarian individuals to the rehabilitation professions.

  1. Engaging in social action, with professional decorum, aimed at advancing the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

  1. Facilitating the process of enabling people with disabilities to establish, maintain, and/or return to productive roles in society.